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031 Usefulness of CT perfusion, CT angiography and non-enhanced CT in the evaluation of acute ischemic strokes patients with unknown onset time
  1. D Pinedo1,
  2. N Akhtar1,
  3. C Martin1,
  4. K Hameed2
  1. 1Diagnostic Radiology, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
  2. 2University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

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Purpose: To investigate the benefit of emergent CT perfusion (CTP), CT angiogram (CTA) and non-enhanced head CT (CT) in the assessment for interventional or aggressive medical therapy in ischemic stroke patients with unknown onset time.

Material/Methods: Our stroke center protocol for suspected ischemic stroke patients includes emergent CTP, CTA and head CT for the assessment of brain tissue viability (ie, penumbra). We hypothesize that a clinical outcome can be predicted based on the presence/absence of early CT stroke changes and presence/absence of markedly decreased …

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