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004 Aneurysm aspect ratio predicts the probability of recanalization after coil embolization
  1. A Shhadeh,
  2. S Hoover,
  3. K Gardner,
  4. O Cornett,
  5. C Gandhi,
  6. CJ Prestigiacomo
  1. UMDNJ, Newark, New Jersey, USA

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Introduction: Aneurysm dome to neck (aspect) ratio is known to correlate with the success and durability of aneurysm endovascular treatment. The aim of this retrospective analysis is to evaluate the affect of aneurysm aspect ratios on initial obliteration rates and recurrence rates after coil embolization.

Method: This study enrolled 199 patients with 207 aneurysms who underwent detachable microcoil embolization between August 2002 and September 2008. Aneurysm aspect ratios were determined by the authors' review of the …

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