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Solitaire FR thrombectomy system: immediate results in 56 consecutive acute ischemic stroke patients
  1. Paolo Machi1,
  2. Vincent Costalat1,
  3. Kyriakos Lobotesis1,
  4. Igor Lima Maldonado1,2,
  5. Jean Francois Vendrell1,
  6. Carlos Riquelme1,
  7. Alain Bonafé1
  1. 1Department of Neuroradiology, Montpellier University Hospital, Montpellier, France
  2. 2Department of Neurological Surgery, Montpellier University Hospital, Montpellier, France
  1. Correspondence to Dr P Machi, CHU Montpellier, Service de Neuroradiologie, Hôpital Gui de Chauliac, 80, avenue Augustin Fliche, 34295 Montpellier Cedex 5, France; paolo.machi{at}


Background and purpose Prompt recanalization of cerebral arteries in patients diagnosed with acute ischemic stroke is known to be associated with a better clinical outcome. The aim of this study was to present our initial experience regarding the efficacy and safety of the Solitaire FR as a revascularization device.

Methods 56 consecutive patients presenting with acute ischemic stroke underwent intra-arterial therapy using the Solitaire FR revascularization device. Immediate angiographic results and early clinical outcomes are presented.

Results Solitaire FR was successful in achieving recanalization in 50 out of 56 patients (89%) with a final Thrombolysis in Cerebral Infarction score ≥2b. Five out of 56 patients had procedure related complications: two asymptomatic subarachnoid hemorrhages, two thromboembolic events and one symptomatic intracranial hemorrhage (PH2). Thirty patients (53.5%) demonstrated at discharge a National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale Score of ≤1 or an improvement of at least 10 points from baseline, and 26 patients (46%) had a modified Rankin Score ≤2.

Conclusions Solitaire FR is successful in achieving a high rate of arterial recanalization with a low complication rate. The Solitaire FR is a promising thrombectomy tool with a high degree of effectiveness, safety and ease of use.

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  • Competing interests AB is a consultant for Boston Scientific, EV3 and Microvention.

  • Provenance and peer review Not commissioned; externally peer reviewed.

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