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E-116 Mechanical thrombectomy efficacy and safety using a retractable stent combined with aspiration technique through an intermediate (sofia (6F) plus) distal access catheter: sofitaire study
  1. J Lópe,
  2. O Vargas,
  3. C Día,
  4. V Torres,
  5. B Pabon
  1. Neuro-Interventional Radiology, AngioTeam, Medellín, Colombia


Background New devices and endovascular techniques have been recently developed for the acute management of stroke) caused) by) occlusion of large vessels (LVO), the intracranial SOFIA (6F) PLUS support catheter allows adequate navigation for distal vasculature and has a suitable internal diameter for direct aspiration of a thrombus and passage of microcatheters to release retractable stents. The aspiration technique and use of simultaneously retractable stent assisted with an intermediate SOFIA (6F) PLUS distal access catheter is known as SOFITAIRE construct.

Purpose Describing the efficacy and safety of a mixed technique of mechanical thrombectomy with the SOLITAIRE FR (MT-SR) retractable stent and Direct Aspiration First Pass Technique (ADAPT),) using the SOFIA (6F) PLUS catheter, referring to the construct SOFITAIRE, a technique used by a neurointerventionism group in Medellin, Colombia.

Methods 20 stroke cases of acute ischemic stroke were analyzed they met inclusion criteria in this descriptive, cross-sectional, comparative and multicenter study.

Results SOFITAIRE technique was performed on all patients, TICI 2b-3 recanalization rate was 100%, mean inguinal puncture time-recanalization was 35 min, complication percentage related to the use of devices and hemorrhagic complications was 10% and functional outcome 0–2 points at 90 days according to the modified Rankin scale (mRS) was 50%.

Conclusions Safety and efficacy of the SOFITAIRE technique in endovascular management of acute stroke caused by LVO is demonstrated by obtaining adequate results in recanalization times and rates, as well as functional outcome scales and los percentages of complications related to the procedure.

Disclosures J. López: None. O. Vargas: None. C. Díaz: None. V. Torres: None. B. Pabon: None.

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