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A survey of burnout and professional satisfaction among United States neurointerventionalists


Background The toll of burnout on healthcare is significant and associated with physician depression and medical errors.

Objective To assess the prevalence and risk factors for burnout among neurointerventionalists.

Methods A 39-question online survey containing questions about neurointerventional practice and the Maslach Burnout Inventory-Human Services Survey for medical personnel was distributed to members of major US neurointerventional physician societies.

Results 320 responses were received. Median (interquartile range) composite scores for emotional exhaustion were 25 (16–35), depersonalization 7 (4–12), and personal accomplishment 39 (35–44). 164/293 respondents (56%) met established criteria for burnout. There was no significant relationship between training background, practice setting, call frequency, or presence of a senior partner on burnout prevalence. Multiple logistic regression analysis showed that feeling underappreciated by hospital leadership (OR=3.71; p<0.001) and covering more than one hospital on call (OR=1.96; p=0.01) were strongly associated with burnout. Receiving additional compensation for a call was independently protective against burnout (OR= 0.70; p=0.005).

Conclusions This survey of United States neurointerventional physicians demonstrated a self-reported burnout prevalence of 56%, which is similar to the national average among physicians across other specialties. Additional compensation for a call was a significant protective factor against burnout. In addition, feeling underappreciated by departmental or hospital leadership and covering more than one hospital while on call were associated with greater odds of burnout.

  • thrombectomy
  • stroke

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