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Association between age and outcomes following thrombectomy for anterior circulation emergent large vessel occlusion is determined by degree of recanalisation


Background Older patients undergoing thrombectomy for emergent large vessel occlusion have worse outcomes. However, complete or near-complete reperfusion (modified Thrombolysis in Cerebral Ischemia (mTICI) score of 2 c/3) is associated with improved outcomes compared with partial recanalisation (mTICI 2b).

Objective To examine the relationship between outcomes and age separately for the mTICI 2c/3, 2b and 0-2a groups in patients undergoing thrombectomy for anterior circulation emergent large vessel occlusion.

Methods Retrospective review of 157 consecutive patients undergoing thrombectomy at a single centre with an occlusion of the internal carotid artery (ICA), M1 or proximal M2 segments of the middle cerebral artery (MCA). Angiograms were graded in a blinded fashion. Patients were divided into three groups: mTICI 0-2a, mTICI 2b, and mTICI 2c/3. Demographics and workflow parameters were compared. Outcomes at 90 days were compared as a function of age, using both the conventional modified Rankin scale (mRs) and utility weighted mRs (UWmRs).

Results There were 72, 61 and 24 patients in the mTICI 2c/3, 2b and 0-2a groups, respectively. Outcomes were significantly worse with increasing age for the mTICI 2b group, but not for the mTICI 0-2a and 2c/3 groups (P=0.0002). With increasing age, outcomes of the mTICI 2b group approached those of the mTICI 0-2a group. However, outcomes of the mTICI 2c/3 groups were similar for all ages. This association was present for both the original mRs and UWmRs.

Conclusion Increasing age was associated with worse outcomes for those with partial (mTICI 2b) recanalisation, not in patients with complete (mTICI 2c/3) recanalisation.

  • stroke
  • thrombectomy

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