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Evaluating the effectiveness and safety of the carotid Casper-RX stent for tandem lesions in acute ischemic stroke


Introduction A new generation of carotid artery stents that use a dual micromesh layer to reduce embolic events during carotid artery stenting has recently been introduced. We aimed to analyze the effectiveness and safety of the new Casper-RX stent in patients experiencing acute ischemic stroke with large vessel intracranial occlusion associated with a tandem lesion (another carotid occlusion or severe stenosis).

Methods We retrospectively analyzed all consecutive patients treated with carotid Casper-RX stents from our stroke registry. We analyzed clinical, angiographic, and neuroimaging data. Endpoints included acute intra-stent thrombus formation, stent occlusion prior to hospital discharge, 3 month modified Rankin Scale score (mRS), and symptomatic intracranial hemorrhage.

Results 21 patients were included: 10 patients had tandem carotid occlusions and 11 patients had severe carotid stenosis, 8 of whom had a hemodynamically significant stenosis. We observed acute in-stent thrombus formation in 11 patients. No stent occlusion occurred prior to hospital discharge. We report no stroke recurrence at 3 months but symptomatic intracranial hemorrhage in two patients. mRS score at 3 months was 0–2 (favorable) for 15 patients (71%), 3–5 for 3 patients, and 6 for 3 patients.

Conclusions In the present series, we frequently observed clot formation during the procedure with Casper-RX stents, which required periprocedural intravenous infusion of anticoagulant and antiplatelet treatment. This motivated us, in the absence of a prospective randomized controlled study demonstrating the non-inferiority of micromesh dual layer stents compared with the single layer design, to discontinue using this stent type in acute stroke requiring carotid angioplasty.

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