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Case report
Republished: A novel combined approach using a Penumbra catheter and balloon catheter for cerebral venous sinus thrombosis


Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis is sometimes fatal. We describe a case of sinus thrombosis in a 43-year-old woman presenting with generalized seizure, delirium, and a 2 week history of headache and nausea. The patient underwent mechanical thrombectomy using a novel combined approach, in which a Shouryu HR balloon catheter (Kaneka) was anchored in the right transverse sinus (TS), sigmoid sinus (SS), and superior sagittal sinus (SSS), while a Penumbra 5 MAX ACE (Penumbra) catheter was moved back and forth between the right TS, SS, and SSS. Additionally, back and forth movement of the inflated balloon with aspiration—the so-called ‘dental floss technique’—was performed. Partial recanalization was eventually obtained. Follow-up angiography on postoperative day 7 showed a dramatic improvement in venous outflow. The patient was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital on postoperative day 42. We describe our combined approach using aspiration, and Penumbra and balloon catheters, to achieve mechanical thrombectomy for sinus thrombosis.

  • stroke
  • technique
  • balloon
  • catheter
  • infection

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