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O-017 Edinburgh’s WEB experience
  1. N Dobbs,
  2. J Du Plessis,
  3. P Keston,
  4. J Downer
  1. Edinburgh Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Edinburgh, UK


Purpose The Woven EndoBridge (WEB) device has recently gained FDA approval in the United States of America. To increase physician familiarity with the device, its efficacy and safety profile in general usage, we present the Edinburgh case series of WEB usage in both the elective and acute setting.

Materials and methods Data was recorded prospectively on all patients who had an aneurysm treated with the WEB device in Edinburgh between February 2014 and October 2018. The information included patient demographics, aneurysm characteristics, procedural information including the use of antiplatelet medication and the size of WEB used, procedural complications as well as clinical and angiographic follow up at three months and one year.

Results 45 acute and 46 elective cases were identified. Aneurysm sizes ranged from 2.5 mm to 10.9 mm. Median screening time was 14 minutes. Irrecoverable parent vessel occlusion occurred in 1% (1/91). WEB protrusion which required stent occurred in 3% (3/91). There were no intraoperative ruptures. The WEB device was resized in 12% of cases (11/91). At three months adequate occlusion (complete occlusion or small neck remnant) was achieved in 92% (68/74), with 8% (6/74) significant remnant, all of which were retreated. Cumulative one year results showed 80% (33/41) adequate occlusion and 20% (8/41) aneurysm remnant, all of which were retreated with stent assisted coil embolization.

Conclusion The results confirm that the WEB device allows safe, quick and effective treatment of wide necked aneurysms, both ruptured and unruptured, in day to day practice.

Disclosures N. Dobbs: None. J. Du Plessis: None. P. Keston: None. J. Downer: None.

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