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E-029 Rate and predictors of intracranial aneurysm complete occlusion after endovascular embolization with SMART coils
  1. M Anadani,
  2. M Sattur,
  3. E Almallouhi,
  4. S Al Kasab,
  5. A Spiotta
  1. Neurology, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC


Background/Objective Although endovascular coiling with SMART coils has been proven to be safe and effective. The rate and predictors of complete occlusion are not well understood. This study aimed to investigate the predictors of complete occlusion with endovascular coiling using SMART coils.

Methods A resorptive analysis of all patients treated with SMART coils at 20 endovascular capable centers. The primary outcome of this study was complete occlusion at the end of procedure defined as Raymond class I. Predictors of complete occlusion were identified using stepwise regression analysis.

Results A total of 907 patients were included in the study of whom 363 (40%) achieved complete occlusion at the end of procedure. History of smoking, location of occlusion, packing density, aneurysm size, wide neck aneurysm, neck size (≥4 vs.<4), stent assisted coiling, balloon-assisted coiling, age, and ruptured aneurysm were associated with complete occlusion in univariate analysis. On multivariate analysis only history of smoking, location of occlusion, aneurysm size, wide neck aneurysm, stent-assisted coiling, female sex and history of hypertension were associated with complete occlusion.

Abstract E-029 Table 1

Multivariate Analysis – Raymond Occlusion (Immediate Post-Procedure), Class I

Conclusion This study identified the rate and predictors of complete occlusion using SMART coils.

Disclosures M. Anadani: None. M. Sattur: None. E. Almallouhi: None. S. Al Kasab: None. A. Spiotta: None.

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