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Automatic radiomic feature extraction using deep learning for angiographic parametric imaging of intracranial aneurysms


Background Angiographic parametric imaging (API) is an imaging method that uses digital subtraction angiography (DSA) to characterize contrast media dynamics throughout the vasculature. This requires manual placement of a region of interest over a lesion (eg, an aneurysm sac) by an operator.

Objective The purpose of our work was to determine if a convolutional neural network (CNN) was able to identify and segment the intracranial aneurysm (IA) sac in a DSA and extract API radiomic features with minimal errors compared with human user results.

Methods Three hundred and fifty angiographic images of IAs were retrospectively collected. The IAs and surrounding vasculature were manually contoured and the masks put to a CNN tasked with semantic segmentation. The CNN segmentations were assessed for accuracy using the Dice similarity coefficient (DSC) and Jaccard index (JI). Area under the receiver operating characteristic curve (AUROC) was computed. API features based on the CNN segmentation were compared with the human user results.

Results The mean JI was 0.823 (95% CI 0.783 to 0.863) for the IA and 0.737 (95% CI 0.682 to 0.792) for the vasculature. The mean DSC was 0.903 (95% CI 0.867 to 0.937) for the IA and 0.849 (95% CI 0.811 to 0.887) for the vasculature. The mean AUROC was 0.791 (95% CI 0.740 to 0.817) for the IA and 0.715 (95% CI 0.678 to 0.733) for the vasculature. All five API features measured inside the predicted masks were within 18% of those measured inside manually contoured masks.

Conclusions CNN segmentation of IAs and surrounding vasculature from DSA images is non-inferior to manual contours of aneurysms and can be used in parametric imaging procedures.

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