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Transradial embolization of the left middle meningeal artery and accessory middle meningeal artery for treatment of subacute–chronic subdural hematoma


This 52-year-old man with no remarkable medical history, no anticoagulation use, and no history of trauma was noted to have a subacute–chronic left subdural hematoma during outpatient headache evaluation. No occult vascular lesion or cross-calvarial supply of the right middle meningeal artery (MMA) to the left side was identified on bilateral selective external carotid injections. Because the patient preferred non-surgical management, we performed a left MMA embolization with Onyx 18 (Medtronic), utilizing a Headway Duo microcatheter (MicroVention) via the transradial route. A 6 French Benchmark (Penumbra) was utilized for transradial support into the left external carotid. The patient was discharged home the same day. Repeat scans from 2 to 6 weeks revealed complete resolution of the subdural hematoma. The patient’s headaches resolved. Transradial MMA embolization for subacute–chronic subdural hematoma represents a minimally invasive treatment option for mass effect and hemorrhage-related symptoms. Tailored embolizations are necessary when >1 meningeal vessel supplies the subdural hematoma.

  • subdural
  • artery
  • technique

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