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O-018 Seizure prophylaxis in unruptured aneurysm repair: a randomized controlled trial
  1. B Daou,
  2. K Holste,
  3. G Palmateer,
  4. B Thompson,
  5. C Lint,
  6. J Elenbaas,
  7. C Maher,
  8. A Pandey
  1. Neurosurgery, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI


Introduction Prophylactic antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) are often prescribed for seizure prophylaxis in patients undergoing surgical treatment of unruptured intracranial aneurysms (UIAs). We aimed to evaluate the benefit of prophylactic AEDs in patients undergoing surgical repair of UIAs.

Methods We randomly assigned eligible patients undergoing surgical repair of UIAs to receive levetiracetam for seven days post-operatively or standard care alone. The primary outcome was the evaluation of seizures in the perioperative period (within 4 weeks). We also evaluated seizure occurrence throughout follow-up and assessed functional outcomes using the modified Rankin scale score (mRS).

Results 35 patients were randomized to the ‘no levetiracetam’ group and 41 patients were randomized to receive levetiracetam. The two study groups had similar overall baseline characteristics and the surgical complication rate was similar for both groups (P=0.8). One patient in the ‘no levetiracetam’ group had a seizure in the perioperative period versus 2 patients in the group randomized to receive levetiracetam (2.9% vs 4.9%, respectively, P=1.00). No patients in the ‘no levetiracetam’ group had any additional late seizures (mean follow-up of 20.4 months), but three patients in the levetiracetam group had late seizures during follow-up (mean follow-up of 19.1 months) (0% vs 7.3%, P=0.2). mRS score of 0–2 at 90 days and at the latest follow-up were similar between the two groups (P=1.00).

Abstract O-018 Table 1 Outcomes

Conclusions Perioperative seizure prophylaxis with levetiracetam does not reduce the rate of seizures as compared to controls in patients undergoing surgical repair of UIAs.

Disclosures B. Daou: None. K. Holste: None. G. Palmateer: None. B. Thompson: None. C. Lint: None. J. Elenbaas: None. C. Maher: None. A. Pandey: None.

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