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E-213 Stent-assisted coiling of cerebral aneurysms: head to head comparison between the neuroform atlas and EZ stents
  1. B Daou,
  2. G Palmateer,
  3. J Linzey,
  4. B Thompson,
  5. N Chaudhary,
  6. J Gemmete,
  7. A Pandey
  1. Neurosurgery, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI


Introduction The Neuroform Atlas stent is thought to have features allowing for an improved stent delivery system. We aimed to provide a head-to-head comparison between stent-assisted coiling (SAC) using the Atlas and EZ stents.

Methods Patients treated with SAC were retrospectively evaluated. 77 aneurysms treated with the Atlas stent and 77 aneurysms treated with the EZ stent were included. Outcomes included angiographic occlusion per the Raymond-Roy (RR) scale, recanalization, retreatment and procedural complications.

Results The Atlas and EZ stent groups had overall similar baseline characteristics. With the Atlas stent, technical success was 100% and immediate RR1 occlusion was 81.8%. Follow-up RR1 was achieved in 83.7%. Recanalization rate was 7% and retreatment rate was 4.6%. Complication rate was 6.5% (new neurological deficit in 1.3%). With the EZ stent, technical success was 96% and immediate RR1 occlusion was 67.6% and follow-up RR1 occlusion was 67.6%. Recanalization rate was 12.7% and retreatment rate was 14.1%. Complication rate was 10.4% (new neurological deficit in 2.6%). The rate of immediate RR1 occlusion (p 0.03) was significantly higher with the Atlas stent and the rate of follow-up RR1 occlusion (p 0.08) was non-significantly higher with the Atlas stent. The recanalization rate was non-significantly lower with the Atlas stent (p 0.5); the retreatment rate was significantly lower with the Atlas stent (p 0.009). There was no significant difference in the complication rate (p 0.6).

Abstract E-213 Table 1 Baseline patient characteristics
Abstract E-213 Table 2

Conclusion SAC with the Atlas stent is safe and effective and shows better immediate results as compared to the EZ stent, with improved overall follow-up outcomes.

Disclosures B. Daou: None. G. Palmateer: None. J. Linzey: None. B. Thompson: None. N. Chaudhary: None. J. Gemmete: None. A. Pandey: None.

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