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Association of asymptomatic hemorrhage after endovascular stroke treatment with outcomes


Background Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) occurs in ~20%–30% of stroke patients undergoing endovascular therapy (EVT). However, there is conflicting evidence regarding the effect of asymptomatic ICH (aICH) on post-EVT outcomes. We sought to evaluate the effect of aICH on immediate and 90-day post-EVT neurological outcomes.

Methods In this post-hoc analysis of the multicenter, prospective Blood Pressure after Endovascular Therapy (BEST) study we identified subjects with ICH following EVT. This population was divided into no ICH, aICH, and symptomatic ICH (sICH). Associations with 90-day modified Rankin Scale (mRS) dichotomized by functional independence (0–2 vs 3–6) and early neurological recovery (ENR) were determined using univariate/multivariate logistic regression models.

Results Of 485 patients enrolled in BEST, 446 had 90-day follow-up data available. 92 (20.6%) developed aICH, and 18 (4%) developed sICH. Compared with those without ICH, aICH was not associated with worse 90-day outcome or lower ENR (OR 0.84 [0.53–1.35], P=0.55, aOR 0.84 [0.48–1.44], P=0.53 for 90-day mRS 0–2; OR 0.77 [0.48–1.23], P=0.34, aOR 0.72 [0.43–1.22] for ENR). aICH was not associated with 90-day outcome or ENR in patients with mTICI ≥2 b (OR 0.78 [0.48–1.26], P=0.33 for 90-day mRS 0–2; OR 0.89 [0.69–1.12], P=0.15 for ENR). A higher proportion of patients with aICH had mTICI ≥2 b than those without ICH (97%vs 87%, P=0.01).

Conclusions aICH was not associated with worse outcomes in patients with large-vessel stroke treated with EVT. aICH was more frequent in patients with successful recanalization. Further validation of our findings in large cohort studies of EVT-treated patients is warranted.

  • stroke
  • thrombectomy
  • hemorrhage

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