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Primary results of the Vesalio NeVa VS for the Treatment of Symptomatic Cerebral Vasospasm following Aneurysm Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (VITAL) Study


Background Cerebral vasospasm (CV) after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (aSAH) is linked to worse neurological outcomes. The NeVa VS is a novel cerebral dilation device based on predicate stent retrievers. We report the results of the Vesalio NeVa VS for the Treatment of Symptomatic Cerebral Vasospasm following aSAH (VITAL) Study.

Methods This was a single-arm prospective multicenter trial to assess the safety and probable benefit of the NeVa VS device to treat CV. Patients were screened and treated if they had CV >50% on non-invasive imaging confirmed by cerebral angiography. The vessel diameters were measured before and after treatment by an independent core laboratory. The primary endpoint was ≥50% vessel diameter immediately after treatment with the NeVa VS device.

Results Thirty patients with a mean age of 52±11 years and mean Hunt–Hess grade of 3.1±0.9 were enrolled. A total of 74 vessels were treated with an average of 1.3 deployments per vessel (95 deployments total). The mean pre-treatment narrowing of the target vessel (n=74) was 65.6% with reduction of the narrowing to 29.4% after treatment. The primary endpoint was achieved in 64 of 74 vessels (86.5%). In three of 95 total deployments (3.2%), thrombus at the site of deployment was observed during the procedure without apparent neurological sequelae.

Conclusions The NeVa VS device appears to be a safe treatment to regain vessel diameter in severely narrowed intracranial arteries secondary to CV associated with aSAH. This treatment offers a new tool that allows for controlled vessel expansion to treat CV.

  • subarachnoid
  • intervention
  • aneurysm

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