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Safety and efficacy of the eCLIPs bifurcation remodelling system for the treatment of wide necked bifurcation aneurysms: 1 year results from the European eCLIPs Safety, Feasibility, and Efficacy Study (EESIS)


Background The eCLIPs bifurcation remodelling system is a non-circumferential implant that bridges the neck from outside of a bifurcation aneurysm. The goal of the multicenter, post-marketing European eCLIPs Safety, FeasIbility, and Efficacy Study (EESIS), was to present the efficacy and safety results of the eCLIPs device after 365 days of follow-up.

Methods All patients were to receive an eCLIPs in conjunction with coils. The study was conducted according to good clinical practices and included independent adjudication of safety and efficacy outcomes.

Results Twenty patients were enrolled at four European centers. Mean age was 60 years (range 41–74) and aneurysms were located at the basilar tip (n=19) and carotid tip (n=1). Average aneurysm dome height was 6.0 mm (range 2.0–15.0). Mean neck length was 5.1 mm (range 2.6–8.5). The technical success rate was 90% (18 of 20). No major territorial strokes or deaths occurred between the index procedure and after 365 days of follow-up. Complete occlusion was achieved in 60% of patients (12 of 20 patients) and 67% of patients with an eCLIPs device (12 of 18) after 365 days of follow-up. Adequate occlusion (complete occlusion and neck remnant) was achieved in 80% of patients (16 of 20 patients) and 89% of patients with an eCLIPs device (16 of 18 patients) after 365 days of follow-up.

Conclusion In this small series, treatment with eCLIPs was feasible, safe, and efficacious, considering the challenging nature of the aneurysms.

Trial registration number NCT02607501.

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