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Case report
Republished: Multiplug flow control technique as a novel transarterial curative approach for the endovascular treatment of cerebrovascular malformations


Herein, we describe the use of a novel multiplug flow control technique for the curative transarterial embolisation of cerebrovascular malformations using liquid embolic agents (LEAs). The idea behind the use of this technique is to substantially control or arrest flow during LEA injection, with multiple plugs simultaneously formed from microcatheters that are placed within all or multiple feeders, so that the penetration of LEAs is facilitated, with flow control decreasing the washout of a malformation. This technique enables the complete occlusion of a vascular malformation in a shorter injection time than that in other methods because penetration is achieved faster. Details of this technique have been described in the treatment of two cases: one case of unruptured temporal arteriovenous malformation and in the other with a falcotentorial dural arteriovenous fistula, in which the vascular malformations were successfully occluded with transarterial embolisation.

  • arteriovenous malformation
  • angiography
  • brain
  • fistula
  • intervention

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