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E-086 The effect of covid-19 vaccines on stroke outcomes: a single-center study
  1. K El Naamani1,
  2. A Amllay1,
  3. C Chen1,
  4. S Capone2,
  5. R Abbas1,
  6. G Sioutas1,
  7. A Munoz1,
  8. C Yudkoff1,
  9. A Carreras1,
  10. A Samabngi1,
  11. A Hunt1,
  12. P Jain1,
  13. E Stine1,
  14. A Sathe1,
  15. R Smit1,
  16. F Yazbeck3,
  17. S Tjoumakaris1,
  18. M Gooch1,
  19. N Herial1,
  20. R Rosenwasser1,
  21. H Zarzour1,
  22. R Schmidt1,
  23. M El Ghanem4,
  24. P Jabbour1
  1. 1Neurosurgery, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  2. 2Neurosurgery, Virginia Tech Carilion Clinic, Roanoke, VA, USA
  3. 3Neurosurgery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA
  4. 4Neurosurgery, University of Houston, Houston, TX, USA


Background One of the defining narratives of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the acceptance and distribution of vaccine.

Objective Compare the outcomes of COVID-19 positive vaccinated and unvaccinated stroke patients.

Methods This is a single-center retrospective study of COVID-19-vaccinated and unvaccinated stroke patients between April 2020 and March 2022. All patients presenting with stroke regardless of treatment modalities were included. NIHSS was used to assess stroke severity. The primary outcome was functional capacity of the patients at discharge.

Results The study cohort comprised 203 COVID-19 positive stroke patients divided into 139 unvaccinated and 64 fully vaccinated patients. At discharge, the mRS score was significantly lower in the vaccinated cohort (3[1-4] vs 4[2-5], OR=0.508, p=0.011). At 3 months of follow-up, the median mRS score was comparable between both cohorts.

Conclusion Although vaccination did not show any significant difference in stroke patient outcomes on follow-up, vaccines were associated with lower rates of morbidity and mortality at discharge among stroke patients during the pandemic.

Abstract E-086 Table 1

Comparison of outcomes between COVID-19-positive unvaccinated vs. fully vaccinated patients presenting with stroke.*Adjusted for hypertension, atrial fibrillation, PVD, admission NIHSS, ASPECTS, tandem occlusion, and thrombectomy

Disclosures K. El Naamani: None. A. Amllay: None. C. Chen: None. S. Capone: None. R. Abbas: None. G. Sioutas: None. A. Munoz: None. C. Yudkoff: None. A. Carreras: None. A. Samabngi: None. A. Hunt: None. P. Jain: None. E. Stine: None. A. Sathe: None. R. Smit: None. F. Yazbeck: None. S. Tjoumakaris: 2; C; Mivrovention, Medtronic. M. Gooch: 2; C; Stryker. N. Herial: None. R. Rosenwasser: None. H. Zarzour: None. R. Schmidt: None. M. El Ghanem: None. P. Jabbour: 2; C; Medtronic, Microvention, Balt, Cerus Endovascular.

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