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E-158 Superdyna: unlocking the potential of post-treatment device evaluation
  1. V Sharashidze1,
  2. M Shapiro1,
  3. E Nossek1,
  4. D Sahlein2,
  5. C Chung1,
  6. A Khawaja1,
  7. P Nelson1,
  8. E Raz1
  1. 1NYU, New York, NY, USA
  2. 2Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, Indianapolis, IN, USA


Introduction Combining the high-resolution images from a traditional 3D-DSA protocol with the longer CBCT protocol may provide simultaneous visualization of both the device and the vessel content in a single co-registered volume.

Methods In this retrospective study, patients who underwent elective endovascular treatment between February 2022 and January 2023 were identified. We analyzed patients who had both non-contrast CBCT and 3D-DSA post treatment and collected information on pre/post blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, radiation dose, and the intervention type.

Results In one year, SuperDyna was performed in 52 patients (out of 1,935, 2.6%). 72% were women with a median age of 60 years. Most common reason for the addition of the SuperDyna was for post flow diversion assessment, n=39. Renal function tests showed no changes. The average total procedure radiation dose was 2.8Gy, with 4% dose and ~ 20 ml of contrast attributed to the additional 3DDSA needed to generate the SuperDyna. Conclusion: The SuperDyna is a fusion imaging method that combines high-resolution CBCT and contrasted 3D-DSA to evaluate intracranial vasculature post-treatment. It allows for more comprehensive evaluation of the device position and apposition,aiding in treatment planning and patient education, although it does present certain limitations, such as slightly increased radiation and contrast, and additional time for reconstruction.

Abstract E-158 Figure 1

Use of SuperDyna for multidevice flow diverter coverage and visualization of aneurysm neck coverage

Abstract E-158 Figure 2

Other uses of Superdyna

Disclosures V. Sharashidze: None. M. Shapiro: None. E. Nossek: None. D. Sahlein: 2; C; Siemens Consultant. C. Chung: None. A. Khawaja: None. P. Nelson: None. E. Raz: 4; C; Siemens Stockholder.

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