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E-201 Pre-clinical evaluation of a novel liquid embolic for neurovascular applications
  1. A Siddiqui1,
  2. R Bjorklund2,
  3. M Bainsmith2,
  4. J Karz2
  1. 1Department of Neurosurgery, SUNY University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, USA
  2. 2Fluidx Medical Technology, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT, USA


Purpose This study evaluates the performance of the novel IMPASS liquid embolic in several swine vessels, including intercoastal arteries and the middle meningeal artery (MMA). IMPASS is a water-based liquid embolic designed for use in transcatheter neurovascular embolization procedures. The IMPASS embolic material is a low-viscosity fluid prior to delivery that solidifies in response to physiological ionic strength. The material follows vascular flow and is designed for distal penetration. IMPASS does not require DMSO and comes in a ready-to-use syringe, requiring minimal preparation. Preclinical studies have demonstrated long-term occlusion without recanalization, and desirable handling characteristics. IMPASS could be well-suited for non-shunting neurovascular applications such as MMA embolization and meningiomas.

Materials and Methods Embolizations were performed in a variety of sites of one female swine including the intercostal arteries, rete mirabile, and middle meningeal artery (MMA). The IMPASS embolic agent was delivered using Stryker Excelsior SL-10, Stryker Excelsior XT-17, and Medtronic Apollo microcatheters. The Onyx Liquid Embolic System was used as a comparator in several vessels. Physician operator feedback was gathered for each IMPASS delivery related to the ‘time and ease of technical success, ease of preparation, distal penetration, and radiopacity’ and compared to Onyx using the following semi-quantitative scale: 3 = Equivalent to Onyx, 1 = Worse than Onyx, 5 = Better than Onyx.

Results The IMPASS liquid embolic demonstrated deep distal penetration and all targeted vessel sites were determined to be fully occluded at the post-delivery angiograms (figure 1). In the physician operator post-delivery feedback, IMPASS scored ’Better than Onyx’ across all metrics (average of 4/5 for ease and timeliness of technical success, 5/5 for ease of preparation, 4/5 for distal penetration, and 4/5 for radiopacity). Details and angiograms of IMPASS deliveries and scoring data will be presented.

Conclusions While the sample size is limited, the results of this study suggest that the IMPASS novel liquid embolic could be well suited for MMA embolization and other non-shunting neurovascular applications. Future studies are planned.

Abstract E-201 Figure 1

IMPASS in swine intercoastal arteries

Disclosures A. Siddiqui: None. R. Bjorklund: 5; C; Fluidx Medical Technology, Inc. M. Bainsmith: 5; C; Fluidx Medical Technology, Inc. J. Karz: 5; C; Fluidx Medical Technology, Inc.

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