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O22/188  Brain aneurysm foundation – brain aneurysm awareness campaign
  1. Audrius Sirvinskas
  1. Republic Vilnus university hospital, Interventional radiology, Vilnius, Lithuania


Introduction Brain aneurysm foundation – brain aneurysm awareness campaign

As in all countries around the world as well as in LT brain scan tools such as MRI are becoming more popular, well-known, and easily accessible. More unruptured intracranial aneurysms are detected/diagnosed by MRI for multiple reasons, including headache, vertigo, and others. In most cases, aneurysms are detected accidentally and are not related to any symptoms. Physician society often discusses whether asymptomatic aneurysms should be preventively treated or observed by performing follow-up images. Undoubtedly, each aneurysm‘s natural risk rupture and procedural risk must be evaluated personally and a lower-risk approach should be taken to manage the aneurysm.

Aim of Study Technology such as AI has the potential to significantly improve our ability to detect, measure and track aneurysm, as well as determine risk of aneurysm rupture. As research, education, and technology grows, we have to rase awareness across the general population and empower patients to take better care of their health, employ and accelerate benefit of technology.

Methods We commission the Representative Survey of the Population (the years 2020–2023 respondents – approx. 1000).

We provide structured information on about the disease, symptoms, risks, and treatments.

We collect PHASES risk prediction score data.

Results Since 2021 more than 5000 PHASES questionnaires have been filled. Awareness about brain aneurysm increasing each year (according to representative survey)

Conclusion To rase awareness in general population is important in order to guide patients towards lower risk and better outcome.

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