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O24/205  WEB and CONTOUR: pros and cons of two intraaneurysmal flow disruptors after 4 years of parallel use. A single center experience
  1. Thomas Liebig1,
  2. Alexandra Radomi1,
  3. Yigit Özpeynirci1,
  4. Christoph Kabbasch2,
  5. Lukas Görtz2
  1. 1LMU University Hospital of Munich, Neuroradiology, Munich, Germany
  2. 2UK Cologne, Neuroradiology, Cologne


Introduction Intraaneurysmal flow diversion was introduced in 2011 with the advent of the WEB, mainly to treat wide neck bifurcation aneurysms without the necessity of reconstruction or remodeling the parent artery. More recently, other devices have become available in the same category with identical clinical indications. One such device is the CONTOUR, available in the EU and awaiting FDA approval. Our center has gathered experience with both devices in parallel use over a course of 4 years. We compared the two systems, highlighting their potential overlap and individual pro´s and con´s looking at both procedural and outcome data.

Aim of Study To compare WEB and Contour with regard to procedural and outcome data using a single center database of patients treated between 2018 and 2023.

Methods Procedural and imaging data of 150 aneurysm treatments using WEB and CONTOUR were entered into a database and both descriptive and analytics statistics were performed, including a propensity score analysis.

Results We identified 80 WEB and 70 Contour treatments. Procedure times and radiation doses were smaller with Contour, WEB has shown a better early occlusion but greater tendency for recurrence, especially with compaction of the implant. CONTOUR did not compact but was either still perfused at FU or in rare cases showed some dislocation. The exact mechanisms will be highlited at presentation after further and more thorough analysis.

Conclusion WEB and CONTOUR have significant overlap of indications, there are however differences in the procedural behavior and limitations and mid and long term stability.

Disclosure of Interest TL consults and proctors for CERUS Endovascular and has in the past Proctored and consulted for Sequent and Microvention.

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