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O31/303  Three stories on eCLIPS
  1. Jan-Hendrik Buhk
  1. Asklepios Hospital St. georg, Neuroradiology, Hamburg, Germany


Introduction Wide-neck shallow bifurcation aneurysms remain challenging for endovascular treatment and often demand complex combinations of implants.

Aim of Study Here, we present 3 cases, in which the eCLIPS device facilitated treatment of shallow wide-necked aneurysms with encouraging results and relatively low procedural complexity.

Methods 3 female patients are presented.

Pat. #1: 52 year-old with history of almost full recovery after severe SAH from tiny basilar tip aneurysm and early relapse. Scheduled treatment with eCLIPS and coils.

Pat. #2: 68 year old with complex ICA terminus aneurysm. Treatment with eCLIPS and coils.

Pat. #3: 76 year old with very wide-neck basilar tip aneurysm, no comorbidities, urgent treatment wish. Individual decision pro treatment with eCLIPS. In this case, the eCLIPS flow diverter was used, no additional coils.

Results All treatments were successful, no periprocedural infarcts.

Pat. #1: 1.5 year follow up shows stable complete occlusion. Clinical status is stable.

Pat. #2: Stable small residual filling after 6 months. Minor late infarction in possible relation to implants noted, as consequence dual platelet inhibition reinstalled.

Pat. #3: Postprocedural MRI showed residual flow in aneurysm sac as with other flow diverter. No further follow up available.

Conclusion The eCLIPS device family can be very useful in treating wide-neck shallow bifurcation aneurysms. Anti-platelet regime should likely include dual inhibition for at least 3 months.

Disclosure of Interest Consultant/Speaker:

Acandis, Cerenovus, Medtronic, MicroVention, Philips, Siemens, Stryker, Vesalio.

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