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P037/294  Transradial versus transfemoral approach in diagnostic and therapeutic neurovascular intervention- nurses review
  1. Diana Raguz,
  2. Ada Švigir
  1. University Hospital Sisters of Charity , Interventional Neuroradiology, Zagreb, Croatia


Introduction The adoption of the transradial approach (TRA) has been increasing in popularity as a primary method to conduct both diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. As this technique gains broader acceptance and use within the neuroendovascular community, comparing its complication profile with a better-established alternative technique, the transfemoral approach (TFA), becomes more important

Aim of Study This study aimed to show our challanges and experience in transfemoral and transradial approach in diagnostic and therapeutic neurointervention or combination of both.

Methods Our personal experience created from everyday workflow, difficulties and solutions in diagnostic and therapeutic neurointervetions and at the same time literature search of PubMed and other databases was conducted for studies from all available dates.

Conclusion The adoption of TRA for neuroendovascular procedures has been increasing in popularity as a primary method to perform both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. We observed a preference towards the transradial approach in our patients who underwent angiograms through both access sites.

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