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P040/41  Imaging study in stroke diagnosis and treatment in a referral center Chile
  1. Fabian Bravo Nuñez
  1. José Manuel Infante 553, Providencia, Chile


Imaging study in Stroke diagnosis and treatment in a referral center in Chile.

Medical Technologist Fabian Bravo Núñez. Instituto de Neurocirugía Santiago de Chile.

Introduction For the development of the work of nurses, technologists, technicians Angiosuite staff. It is necessary to identify the main characteristics of diagnostic imaging, treatment, and follow-up in acute ischemic accidents. This paper aims to present a literature review and based on our own experience in the use of tools, imaging updates and development, focusing the presentation on the central data of the images that should be known.

Aim of Study The main objective is to share the main topics of imaging visualization in ischemic stroke.

Methods We review the latest publications related to Stroke imaging, and compare them with our patient database, on this thorough review we reach some relevant conclusions to share, the main features that we must learn and review in each patient. To obtain the best possible result.

Results Angiosuite the review of more than 3 years of treatment and diagnosis of patients affected with Stroke. With its main imaging features.

Conclusion As a conclusion, different topics of obtaining and observing images in Stroke are obtained. Either CT, MRA, Cerebral Angiography. Both nurses and technicians should know some generalities and topics of nomenclature, neuroanatomy, general and specific characteristics of each of the imaging techniques that we want to share for this ETMINT 2023 seminar.

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