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P042/43  Cerebral arteriovenous malformation. minimally invasive study methods and treatments
  1. Fabian Bravo Nuñez1;2
  1. 1José Manuel Infante 553, Angiografia, Providencia, Chile
  2. 2José Manuel Infante 553, Providencia, Chile


Introduction Cerebral arteriovenous malformations are one of the main causes of consultations in the emergency as well as have silent presentations, which are diagnosed as findings, both nurses and medical technologists must be attentive to the main characteristics of presentation of AVMs. knowing the characteristics of the malformations in general will help us to plan our intervention towards the patient.

Aim of Study The main objective is to discuss and share the updated information we have regarding the diagnosis and treatment of AVMs.

Methods We have reviewed the literature, seminars, our database regarding the presentation of AVMs, types of treatments, complications, and patient follow-up. We have obtained relevant information that we would like to share and learn about the experiences of other centers.

Results As Angiosuite we have been able to review the last 5 years of patients with cerebral arteriovenous malformations registered in our databases and we have crossed this information with the available literature to show the main presentation patterns of AVMs.

Conclusion In conclusion, we will say that in the study, treatment, and follow-up of AVMs, it is necessary a great deal of effort and teamwork, and study of the different circumstances that accompany this type of pathology. it is necessary to have a human team of nurses, doctors, and technologists with constant training, as well as constant updating in related studies.

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