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P043/45  Neuro anatomy and anatomical variations
  1. Fabian Bravo Nuñez1, 2
  1. 1José Manuel Infante 553, Providencia, Chile
  2. 2Instituto de Neurocirugía Santiago de Chile


Introduction For the angiography team, especially nurses and medical technologists, the recognition of neuroanatomy and its variants is fundamental in the development of patient care. In this presentation the main anatomical landmarks to be recognized and their anatomical variants are discussed. And constantly improve the understanding of neurovascular pathologies based on an adequate recognition of the normal neuroanatomy.

Aim of Study The main objective is to share the experiences gained over the years in relation to neuroanatomy.

Also, to know and share with colleagues their experiences in this topic.

Methods The methodology chosen was a systematic review of the literature related to neuroanatomy. Participation in seminars dedicated to the subject and the own experience of our Angiosuite.

Results The result of this review is a fascinating collection of cases showing the main characteristics of the anatomy in the different imaging studies, mainly focused on vascular diagnosis, which we believe will be useful for the health team.

Conclusion We managed to consolidate many cases of neuroanatomy and anatomical variants, in addition to presenting different alternatives and pearls of study for participants who want to internalize in this fascinating subject of neuroanatomy.

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