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O44/100  Endovascular thrombectomy for cerebral stroke. Through the eyes of the rad tech!
  1. Paul Nelson
  1. MUMC+, Radiology , Maastricht, Netherlands
  2. *Invited Speaker


Introduction Stroke interventions require a multidisciplinary team approach and the radiology technician plays a vital role in ensuring the success of the procedure.

Aim of Study This presentation will provide an overview of neurological stroke interventions from the radiology technician’s perspective, focusing on day and night situations, logistics and aftercare.

Methods During the presentation, various situations will be presented accompanied with our approach (including motivation). Adaptations based on our experience will also be included. We will also discuss the challenges of providing stroke interventions in emergency situations, such as limited resources and time constraints.

Results Attendees will gain a better understanding of the radiology technician’s role in stroke interventions and the importance of their contribution to the overall success of the procedure.

Conclusion Even though the skills possessed by the interventional radiologist are essential for patient‘s recovery, the important role of the radiology technician must not be forgotten!

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