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O45/161  When things go wrong
  1. Alen Golubovic1,
  2. Zsolt Kulcsàr2,
  3. Tilman Schubert3
  1. 1University Hospital Zürich, Department for Neuroradiology, Zürich
  2. 2Head of Department for Neuroradiology
  3. 3Head of the Interventional Neuroradiology
  4. *Invited Speaker


Introduction Neurointervention is a rapidly evolving and complex field practiced by clinicians with backgrounds ranging from neurosurgery to radiology and neurology. New devices, techniques, and clinical applications create exciting opportunities for impacting patient care, but also carry the potential for new iatrogenic injuries.

Aim Every step of every neurointerventional procedure carries risks, and a thorough appreciation of potential complications is fundamental to maximizing safety for the patients.

Conclusion Devices are not always reliable.

In this presentation, we will show some cases where there were sever device failures and how we solved the complications. The role of the Angiosuite Personnel is very important in this kind of situations, especially in first place to support the Physician with his skills and knowledge.

Disclosure of Interest Nothing to disclose.

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