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P046/186  Neuro coils and stent implants visualized through photon-counting computed tomography
  1. Niki Papadopoulou1,
  2. Zsolt Kulcsàr2,
  3. Tilman Schubert3
  1. 1University Hospital Zürich, Department for Neuroradiology, Zürich
  2. 2Director of the Neuroradiology Department, University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland
  3. 3Head of Interventional Neuroradiology, University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland


Introduction The development of the photon counting technology has the potential to expand the imaging possibilities of computed tomography. The new detectors calculate the energy of every single photon and provide CT Data with high spatial resolution without electric noise at lower radiation dose. This CT Imaging evolution has several advantages for neuroimaging. Here we focus on intracranial implants such as stents and coils.

Aim To visualize endovascular intracranial and cervical implants with Photon Counting Computed Tomography

Methods Ultra – High resolution CT Angiography and native head CT as well as spectral reconstruction after placement of neuro-endovascular implants.

Conclusion The results of the imaging of neuro-endovascular implants are precise and reliable. The UHR CT – Angiography and spectral reconstructions might be beneficial to monitor treatment success.

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