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O47/191  Workflow evolution in acute stroke attention and nurse care at the neurointerventional unit
  1. Milagros Ruiz Sierra,
  2. Alexandra Soley Martinez,
  3. Roberto Eduardo Correa Soto,
  4. Nicolás Augusto Romero Florez,
  5. Marta Santos Gonzalez,
  6. Ana Gutierrez Siles,
  7. Eduard Pijuan Jimenez
  1. Hospital Parc Taulí, Sabadell, Spain
  2. *Invited Speaker


Introduction In the treatment of acute stroke, there are key points to optimize time. In 2022, in our centre some elements were modified to create a new circuit, in order to reduce the time from the detection of the stroke, to the moment of the start of treatment.

Aim of Study There will be better results if we make an early diagnosis and treatment.

Methods Once the stroke is confirmed, the next step is the election of the optimal treatment. Endovascular treatment is one of the possibilities in which the nursing team plays an important role.

In our centre, at the angiosuite, nursing is organized into two roles: a surgical nurse and an assistant nurse. The surgical nurse is who assists in the surgical field during sterile techniques. The assistant nurse has to take care of the patient, to assist the instrumentalist nurse and to communicate with the rest of the hospital units.

Results Hospital Parc Taulí is the referent institution for around 450.000 citizens. It has a neurointerventional radiology team, who attends the acute stroke that requires endovascular treatment. During 2022, the institution has attended 66 patients who required thrombectomy. With the ongoing update of the guidelines, the hospital has reduced the detection-treatment time from 85 to 71 minutes.

Conclusion In order to provide the best attention during an acute stroke, time is the key factor. Nurses have an important role throughout the process, which means that they need to be trained adequately to achieve those required functions.

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