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P048/192  Efficiency of 3D CE MRA time resolved MRA in spinal abnormalities
  1. Argyro Christou1,
  2. Zsolt Kulcsàr2,
  3. Tilman Schubert3
  1. 1University Hospital Zürich, Department for Neuroradiology, Zürich
  2. 2Head of Neuroradiology Department, University Hospital Zürich
  3. 3Head of the Interventional Neuroradiology Department, University Hospital Zürich


Introduction Beyond doubt, DSA is the gold standard for visualizing the complex anatomy of spinal vessels. However, as MRI imaging is evolving, new techniques, such as 3D CE MRA and Time Resolved MRA, are promising to detect and localize spinal vascular abnormalities and therefore be an attractive alternative diagnostic tool. The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate the benefits of MRI Spinal Angiography prior to Digital Subtraction Angiography.

Aim Evaluate the utility of MR Spinal Angiography either as an alternative non-invasive procedure in high-risk patients or as an adjunct diagnostic tool to DSA.

Conclusion 3D CE MRA and time resolved MRA are proved to be accurate in detecting large vessels in spinal cord, differentiate spinal arteries from veins and detect AVFs, AVMs or other vascular pathologies.

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