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O50/284  Spontaneous intracranial hypotension: diagnosis and treatment in neuroradiology
  1. Blandine Bobet,
  2. Fédérico Cagnazzo
  1. Gui De Chauliac, Hérault, Montpellier, France
  2. *Invited Speaker


Introduction The SIH is a relatively rare pathology, about 5–7 cases/100000 peoples per year. Despite improvements of the diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology in the last decades, identification of the etiology of SIH and targeted treatment is still tough with most of patients presenting an untreated chronic disease.

Aim of the Study In the last 3 years, a team of neuroradiologists, technicians, neurosurgeons and neurologists were dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of SIH patients. To describe the diagnostic work-up, and the treatment management of patients presenting SIH in a high-volume tertiary hospital center in France highly specialized in SIH. We aimed to describe our technical strategies to identify the etiology and to effectively treat SIH patients.

Methods A case-based description of the diagnostic (myelography; dynamic CT scan; spine MRI) and interventional protocols (embolization; percutaneous treatment) for patients presenting with SIH is reported.

Results 50 patients presented with SIH in the last 3 years and were treated in the NRI department.

4 patients were treated surgically. 10 patients had CSF-venous fistula that was treated by Onyx embolization. 36 patients received a percutaneous treatment with CT-guided.

Technical aspects and clinical results are depicted.

Conclusion SIH requires a highly specialized multidisciplinary team dedicated to the identification of the etiology and the targeted treatment of the lesion.

Results are promising and associated with an extremely high benefit for patients.

Disclosure of Interest Talk about the role of the radiographer during the diagnosis and treatment of the spontaneous intracranial hypotension.

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