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P061/116  One-year clinical and radiologic outcomes of the surpass evolve flow diverter for large-giant unruptured intracranial aneurysms: forty consecutive patients from a single center
  1. Hyun Jin Han
  1. Severance Hospital, Neurosurgery, Seoul, South Korea


Introduction The Surpass Evolve Flow Diverter (SE-FD) was launched in 2019 as a new generation FD of Surpass Streamline.

Aim of Study We aimed to assess and report the effectiveness and safety of SE-FD insertion for unruptured intracranial aneurysms at six-month and one-year follow-up.

Methods Between November 2019 and October 2021, a total of 106 patients with 108 aneurysms were treated with the FD at a single institution. Of these, SE-FD insertion was performed in 40 patients with 41 aneurysms. At six-month and one-year follow up, clinical and radiologic outcomes were retrospectively evaluated.

Results In present study, there were 12 male patients and 28 female patients, with a mean age of 59.1 years. Dissection or fusiform aneurysms was 46.3% (19/41). The maximal mean aneurysm diameter was 13.2 mm; and larger aneurysms, at least 15 mm, accounted for 34.1% (14/41) of cases. Among the 41 aneurysms, complex aneurysms (recurrent, thrombosed, or branch artery-incorporated) accounted for 41.5% (17/41). All procedures were successfully conducted with 7.3% (3/41) procedure-related complications. At one-year follow up (n = 40), neurologic morbidity was noted in two cases (5.0%; both mRS 1) without any mortality. At one-year follow-up (n = 41), radiologic outcomes were adequate occlusion in 33 aneurysms (80.5%) and complete occlusion in 29 aneurysms (70.7%). There was no retreatment in our cohort.

Conclusion SE-FD was safe and effective for the treatment of dissecting/fusiform or complex aneurysms at one-year follow-up. However, further study is needed to evaluate long-term results.

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