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P063/120  A giant stent for giant aneurysms – the accero-rex-stent
  1. Hermann Krähling1,
  2. Mohamed Elsharkawy2,
  3. Mostafa Ergawy1,
  4. Burak Akkurt1,
  5. Ekin Celik3,
  6. Wolfram Schwindt1,
  7. René Chapot2,
  8. Paul Stracke1
  1. 1University Hospital Muenster, Department of Neuroradiology, Muenster, Germany
  2. 2Alfried-Krupp-Krankenhaus Essen, Department of Neuroradiology, Essen, Germany
  3. 3Krankenhaus Ludmillenstift Meppen, Meppen, Germany


Introduction Until now, the treatment of giant fusiform aneurysms of the posterior circulation has been a disease that is difficult or impossible to treat, mostly due to the lack of availability of a large-format stent. In this multicentre study, we report on the world’s first five clinical deployments of the Accero-Rex-Stents (Acandis) for the treatment of fusiform giant aneurysms.

Aim of Study We investigated the clinical performance of the Accero-Rex-Stents in the treatment of fusiform giant aneurysms of the posterior circulation.

Methods The Accero-Rex-Stents are self-expanding, braided, fully radiopaque Nitinol stents. They are available in three different sizes (diameter 7 – 10 mm, length 30 – 60 mm) and intended for implantation in vessels with diameters of 5.5 – 10 mm. The stents were implanted in aneurysms of the posterior circulation.

Results Five patients with large fusiform aneurysms of the posterior circulation were treated endovascularly using the Accero-Rex-Stents. There were no major technical complications peri- and post-intervention and the implanted stents showed proper contrast perfusion in all follow-up examinations. A significant remodeling and reduction in the size of the stent-covered aneurysms was already seen in the short-term post-interventional course, no major clinical complications occurred.

Conclusion The Accero-Rex-Stents were used safely in five patients for the treatment of fusiform aneurysms of the posterior circulation without any technical complications. The treatment options of giant fusiform aneurysms are extended by the Accero-Rex-Stents.

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