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P077/180  Silk vista baby flow diverter stent for unruptured distal brain aneurysms: a Brazilian retrospective observational study
  1. João Miguel Silva,
  2. Guilherme Marcos Soares,
  3. Mario Altikes,
  4. Joao Pedro Junior,
  5. Arthur Coelho,
  6. André Rezende
  1. CDNI Clínica de Diagnóstico Neurorradiológico e Intervenção, Sao Paulo
  2. *Live Presentation


Introduction The Silk Vista Baby flow diverter is a stent deliverable via a 0.017 inch microcatheter and is specifically designed for distal brain aneurysms treatment.

Aim of Study Evaluate the safety and efficacy of the Silk Vista Baby in a Brazilian tertiary hospital.

Methods We performed a retrospective review to identify Silk Vista Baby cases at one tertiary hospital in Brazil. Clinical, procedural, angiographic and follow-up data were collected.

Results We treated 32 patients (28 female, 87.5%) of average age 69 (range 56–77) with 32 aneurysms, 29 (90.2%) located in the anterior circulation. All aneurysms treated were unruptured. An average number of 1 device were implanted. Coils were implanted in 4 aneurysms (12.2%). Treatment effect was assessed using the O’Kelly Marotta (OKM). At last angiographic follow-up 13,0 ± 4.5 months post-procedure, 20 aneurysms (62.5.%) were graded as OKM D, and 7 patients were graded as OKM A (21.8%). All patients treated with FDS and coils presented OKM D after 12 months follow-up. Clinical complications, excluding death, were seen in 2 patients (6.2%) including symptomatic ischaemic events. Only one patient had permanent morbidity (mRS 1) due to a hemorrhagic stroke 3 months after the procedure. One patient died after the treatment (3.1%); due to distal branch perforation.

Conclusion The SVB has high rates of technical success and an acceptable safety profile. Distal aneurysms may occlude slower due to relative oversizing of the devices and coils could help to improve the occlusion rate.

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