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P095/317  Contour neurovascular system for treatment of rupted and unrupted intracranial aneurysm: our experience
  1. Gianmarco Flora,
  2. Raffaele Tortora,
  3. Giulia Frauenfelder,
  4. Alfredo Siani,
  5. Gianpiero Locatelli,
  6. Renato Saponiero,
  7. Daniele Romano
  1. Ospedali riuniti San Giovanni di Dio e Ruggi d’Aragona, Salerno, Italy


Introduction Contour Neurovascular System embolization device is a novel tool for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms.

Aim of Study We report our experience with this device for the treatment of rupted and unrupted intracranial aneurysms.

Methods Retrospective analysis of radiological and clinical data were collected for all patients treated with the Contour device at our center. Imaging follow-up was obtained with a 6-month angiography (12/16).

Results A total of 16 patients were treated with Contour system at our Institution (10 women; mean age 64 years). Sites of treatment were eight middle cerebral artery, two internal carotid artery, five anterior communicating artery, one PICA artery. In three patients aneurysm was rupted. In all cases, Contour device was well-positioned at the end of the procedure. At 6-month f-u, complete occlusion (class 0 or 0’ in WEB occlusion Scale-WOS) was obtained in 75% of cases (9/12), neck remnant class 2 in 16% (2/12) and class 1 in 8% (1/12). Modified Rankin Scale at 11 months (median value, SD 4) was 0 in 75% of cases (12/16), 2 in 6% (1/16), 5 in 12% (2/16) e 6 in 6% (1/16).

In rupted cases, one patient died; one patient has mRS 5 at 12 months f.u. and one patient (class II of WOS) has mRS 0 at 8 months f.u.

Conclusion Contour device seems to be a promising alternative for treatment of intracranial aneurysms, also in the emergency setting. Larger case series with longer follow-up are needed to confirm our preliminary results.

Disclosure of Interest Dr. Med. D. G. Romano consultant and proctor for BALT Italy, Microvention Europe, Penumbra Inc.

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