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P121/240  Go with the flow to maximize clot ingestion
  1. Paolo Machi1,
  2. Philippe Reymond1,
  3. Oliver Brina1,
  4. Mayra Contreras2,
  5. Trent Langston2,
  6. John Wainwright2,
  7. Naomi Chesler3,
  8. Waleed Brinjikji4
  1. 1Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG), Genève, Switzerland
  2. 2MIVI Neuroscience, Eden Prairie, USA
  3. 3University of California Irvine, Irvine, USA
  4. 4Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA


Introduction Thrombectomy in distal, medium vessels is becoming a topic of increasing interest. To date, most benchtop comparisons of aspiration catheters have focused on larger catheters utilized in proximal occlusions and there are no in vitro studies focused on 3, 4, & 5F catheters performance.

Aim of Study The purpose of this study is to compare the performance of the 3F, 4F, and 5F Q™ Aspiration Catheters verse Penumbra 3F, 4F, Sofia 5F.

Methods Aspiration flow and force were collected. Navigation was assessed in a tortuous M2 model and an sinusoidal model. Pressure and flow sensors were used to obtain instantaneous values for water and synthetic clots during aspiration.

Results The measured flow rate of the Q3, Q4, Q5 catheters (aspiration only) was 3.54 ml/s, 5.32 ml/s, and 6.87 ml/s, respectively, and 3 Max, 4 Max, SOFIA 5 was 1.46 ml/s, 2.56 ml/s, and 2.91 ml/s, respectively.

The mean aspiration force for the Q3, Q4 catheters was 44mN, and 60mN, respectively, and 3Max, 4Max was 32mN and 47mN, respectively.

The mean catheter ingestion time (catheter tip to canister) of Q3, Q4, Q5 aspirating soft clot type were 30s, 10s, and 77s, respectively, and 3 Max, 4 Max, SOFIA 5 were mostly incomplete. For medium clot types, Q3, Q4, Q5 mean ingestion times were 13s, 21s and 31s, respectively, and 3Max, 4 Max, SOFIA 5 were mostly incomplete.

Conclusion The Q catheter demonstrated higher flow rates, faster complete clot ingestion and higher aspiration force than the competive catheters.

Disclosure of Interest PM, PR, and OB have received research funding from MIVI Neuroscience. JW and TR work for MIVI Neuroscience. MC, NC, and WB are consultants for MIVI Neuroscience.

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