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P124/272  Initial encounter with a cutting-edge mobile head CT scanner (Somatom in a neuro-intensive care unit
  1. Lukas Goertz1,
  2. Yosef Al-Sewaidi2,
  3. Mahmoud Habib2,
  4. Alexander Ranft2,
  5. Christoph Kabbasch1
  1. 1University Hospital Cologne, Cologne, Germany
  2. 2Klinikum Arnsberg, Arnsberg, Germany


Introduction Mobile CT scanners are promising for neurointensive care units (NICUs), but early generations had poor image quality.

Aim of Study We retrospectively evaluated a state-of-the-art mobile head CT scanner, Somatom (Siemens, Germany), for use in NICUs.

Methods This retrospective study analysed consecutive patients who underwent head CT scans with the Somatom Patient characteristics, scan parameters and radiology reports were reviewed. Image quality was assessed subjectively using a 5-point Likert scale. Hounsfield units of air, water and bone were measured in predefined regions of interest.

Results Mobile CT was used for monitoring intracranial haemorrhage (51%), postoperative neurosurgical monitoring (28%), neurological deterioration (14%), bedside monitoring after EVD placement (4%), and ischaemic stroke follow-up (3%). Mobile CT provided adequate image quality and replaced stationary CT in all cases. Overall image quality was given a mean score of 4 points, with 5 points for subarachnoid space delineation and cortico-medullary differentiation. Hounsfield unit measurements were within recommended limits for air, water and bone.

Conclusion The study demonstrates the clinical effectiveness of modern mobile CT scanners in neurointensive care units. The Somatom provides sufficient image quality, saves time and supports timely decision making. The integration of mobile CT scanners in NICUs improves patient care and workflow. Prospective studies are needed to validate these findings and assess the long-term impact in NICUs and other units, such as stroke units.

Disclosure of Interest CK serves as consultants for Acandis GmbH (Pforzheim, Germany) and proctor for MicroVention Inc./Sequent Medical (Aliso Viejo, CA, USA).

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