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P150/168  Acute ischemic stroke due to distal vessel occlusion treated with pREset LITE stent retriever. Single center experience
  1. Federico Fusaro1,
  2. Simona Corraine1,
  3. Marco Erta1,
  4. Antonio Ferrari1,
  5. Federica Schirru1,
  6. Serena Zucca1,
  7. Alberto Fenu2,
  8. Simone Comelli1
  1. 1Azienda Ospedaliera “G. Brotzu’, Neuroradiology and Vascular Interventional Radiology , Cagliari, Italy
  2. 2Università degli Studi di Cagliari – Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia, Radiology, Monserrato, Italy


Introduction Mechanical thrombectomy (MT) is standard treatment for large vessel occlusion (LVO). Despite MT is increasingly performed for distal vessel occlusions (DVO), evidence for its clinical benefit remains scarce.

Aim of Study In this study we assessed Single-Center efficacy and safety of DVO MT using stent retriever pREset-LITE (Phenox).

Methods Of 461 MT performed in our Center between 01/2021–04/2023, we treated with pREset 79 DVO in 71 consecutive Pt (median age 71,66/range 42–93, median NIHSS 13/range 6–24).

Results 71 Pt with 79 DVO underwent MT using pREset-LITE (3x20 o 4x20 mm).

73/79 cases pREset was used in combination with proximal aspiration catheter.

49 cases (62%) are primary distal occlusion, others were associated with PLVO.

We perfomed 61 MT on M2 segment (61/79, 77,2%), 7 on M3/M4 (8,9%), 7 on A2/A3 (8,9%) and 4 on P2-P3 (5,1%).

We performed a single-pass in 54 cases (68,3%), 2 passes in 11 (13,9%), ≥3 passes in 8 (10.1%).

TICI 3 was observed in 51 Pt (71,8%), TICI 2b/c in 15 Pt (21,1%), TICI 0/1 in 5 cases (7%).

Post-procedural asymptomatic SAH was observed in 26 Pt (36,6%), asymptomatic ICH in 8 (11,2%).

1 case of vessel rupture during MT lead to post-procedural exitus in 24h.

7 Pt (8,9%) died within 1 month after MT for clinical situation out of ischemic stroke.

mRS≤2 at 3 months was observed in 58 Pt (80.5%).

Conclusion Our Single-Center experience shows safety and efficacy of pREset stent retriever in MT for DVO. Further research is needed.

Disclosure of Interest Nothing to disclose

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