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P161/225  Proximal balloon-guided catheter with flow inversion vs. distal filter protection during the carotid stent placement, a seven years experiences in a Colombia reference center
  1. Daniel Mantilla García,
  2. Oscar Garcia,
  3. Paula Correa,
  4. Daniela D Vera,
  5. Carolina Valenzuela,
  6. Sergio Serrano,
  7. Adriana Reyes,
  8. Carlos Ferreira,
  9. Oliverio Vargas
  1. UNAB/FOSCAL, Floridablanca, Colombia


Introduction The carotid stent placement as a therapeutic option for carotid stenosis has been increasing among years; therefore, studies are required to evaluate the security and efficacy of its materials.

Aim of Study The purpose of this study was to evaluate the distal filter and the proximal balloon-guided catheter with flow inversion as protection devices during carotid angioplasty and stenting.

Methods This is a retrospective, observational study of patients diagnosed with carotid stenosis treated with angioplasty between January 1, 2014, and June 30, 2020; we analyzed a radiology service database to compare the distal filter and the proximal balloon-guided catheter as protection devices during angioplasty.

Results One hundred seventy-five angioplasties were performed, the distal filter was the most prevalent embolic protection device used (66%), patients baseline characteristics did not differ between groups with different embolic protection devices, except for history of dyslipidemia (p < 0.000). As well, we did not find any significant differences between the groups in the device related complications, intervention time (p = 0.140), unrelated complications (p = 0.693) and functional independence at 90 days (p=0.096).

Conclusion In our study the proximal balloon-guided catheter and the distal filter protection device as protection devices during the carotid stenting didn’t show significant differences regarding complications related to the system.

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