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P179/71  Trans-vascular HF_OCT imaging: from animal models to humans
  1. Vania Anagnostakou,
  2. Mark Epshtein,
  3. Matthew Gounis
  1. Department of Radiology, New England Center for Stroke Research, UMass Chan Medical School, Worcester, USA


Introduction High-frequency optical coherence tomography (HF-OCT), is an intravascular imaging modality with unprecedented resolution for in vivo imaging (~10µm). We describe our preclinical and ex-vivo cadaveric observations of intracranial vasculature and its environment.

Aim of Study To investigate the potential of HF-OCT imaging (Gentuity, USA) in the preclinical setting.

Methods A canine model was used for imaging through the posterior and anterior circulation to study the vascular, perivascular environment and subarachnoid space (SAS) structures. Implants of the basilar or middle cerebral artery were used to study implant behavior and healing process. A porcine model was used to image the venous sinuses. In addition to classic OCT-pullbacks, dynamic HF-OCT imaging of specific locations through time was performed. Ex-vivo cadaveric imaging was consecutively performed through the arterial and venous segments. Suitable combinations of guiding catheters, microcatheters and microwires were used to achieve access to desired locations. Images were acquired with the use of contrast to clear the blood.

Results High-resolution images of the vasculature were obtained from the arterial and venous sites in all cases. The architectonics of the SAS were studied and classified, with extensive similarities between animals and human cadavers. Apposition of intravascular implants and endothelial coverage/intimal hyperplasia not seen with conventional imaging was imaged with HF-OCT. Vessel wall pathology in human cadavers was seen in detail.

Conclusion HF-OCT imaging can offer detailed visualization of the vessel wall and perivascular environment, expanding its use from vessel wall pathology and implant behavior to hydrocephalus and aneurysm formation.

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MG: No relevant disclosures

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