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P183/344  Real-time quantitative radial force measurements of WEB devices
  1. Oktay Algin1,
  2. Ugurhan Kutbay2
  1. 1Ankara University, Interventional MR Clinical RandD Institute, Ankara, Turkey
  2. 2Gazi University, Faculty of Engineering, Ankara, Turkey


Introduction Lateral/radial forces and mechanical properties of WEB devices have significant importance for therapeutic success.

Aim of Study This study aims to quantitatively determine the relationship between the aneurysm diameter and the forces that WEB devices of various sizes exert on the lateral walls of the aneurysm. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study that directly and quantitatively evaluates the radial/lateral forces of WEB devices.

Methods By placing four WEB devices of different sizes between 2 metal plates, the lateral forces applied by these WEB devices to metal plates of different apertures/diameters were measured quantitatively with our novel sensor system. In addition, the lateral wall areas reached by these devices at different diameters of the plates were also quantitatively calculated.

Results It was determined that as the distance between the plates increased, the pressure or compression force applied to the plates (lateral aneurysm walls) and the device area touching the plates decreased. It was determined that there were compression differences between 13,74759 mmHg and 8.315655 mmHg in-plate measurements that were more than 1 mm in diameter.

Conclusion This study could play a significant role in WEB-assisted aneurysm embolization. In light of our findings, we can say that for aneurysms larger than their diameter, or if a spherical device is not planned to be used, it seems more appropriate to choose a device with a diameter of 2 mm larger than the aneurysm diameter.

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