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In vitro flow diversion effect of the ReSolv stent with the shelf technique in a bifurcation aneurysm model


Background Flow-diverting stents are not currently indicated for the treatment of bifurcation aneurysms, and some case series have demonstrated low occlusion rates, possibly due to a lack in neck coverage. The ReSolv stent is a unique hybrid metal/polymer stent that can be deployed with the shelf technique in order to improve neck coverage.

Methods A Pipeline, unshelfed ReSolv, and shelfed ReSolv stent were deployed in the left-sided branch of an idealized bifurcation aneurysm model. After determining stent porosity, high-speed digital subtraction angiography runs were acquired under pulsatile flow conditions. Time–density curves were created using two region of interest (ROI) paradigms (total aneurysm and left/right), and four parameters were extracted to characterize flow diversion performance.

Results The shelfed ReSolv stent demonstrated better aneurysm outflow alterations compared to the Pipeline and unshelfed ReSolv stent when using the total aneurysm as the ROI. On the left side of the aneurysm, there was no significant difference between the shelfed ReSolv stent and the Pipeline. On the right side of the aneurysm, however, the shelfed ReSolv stent had a significantly better contrast washout profile than the unshelfed ReSolv stent and the Pipeline stent.

Conclusions The ReSolv stent with the shelf technique demonstrates the potential to improve flow diversion outcomes for bifurcation aneurysms. Further in vivo testing will help to determine whether the additional neck coverage leads to better neointimal scaffolding and long-term aneurysm occlusion.

  • Aneurysm
  • Angiography
  • Flow Diverter
  • Stent

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