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Case report
The balloon anchor technique: a novel technique for distal access through a giant aneurysm


A novel technique is reported that helps the operator in achieving reliable access to the distal parent vessel with a microcatheter for stent assisted aneurysm coiling. Distal parent vessel access was obtained by allowing the microwire to follow the local hemodynamics into a giant internal carotid artery aneurysm and around its dome. Various traditional methods were tried before attempting the balloon anchor. In this technique, an over-the-wire balloon was inflated in the distal vessel followed by gentle retraction of the balloon catheter and microwire allowed only a wire bridge across the aneurysm neck, thereby allowing the stent catheter to be brought up in a standard fashion. This technique may facilitate the use of new stent technologies for the treatment of aneurysms that would otherwise be untreatable with endovascular therapies.

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