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E-019 Novel bioactive coil with modified PGLA
  1. I Kan1,
  2. I Yuki1,
  3. Y Murayama1,
  4. F Vinuela Jr1,
  5. R Kim1,
  6. B Zhang2,
  7. B Wu2,
  8. H Vinters3,
  9. F Vinuela1
  1. 1Interventional Neuroradiology, UCLA Medical Center, California, USA
  2. 2Bioengineering, Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at UCLA, California, USA
  3. 3Neuropathology, UCLA Medical Center, California, USA


Purpose Novel Bioactive Coil with modified PGLA was developed to further improve biological reaction induced by currently available PGLA coils.

Method Prototype coil materials were prepared by coating the currently available PGLA coils (matrix coil) with chemically modified PGLA. A total of 12 side wall aneurysms were surgically created in six swine. Four aneurysms were treated with Novel Bioactive Coil, four aneurysms were treated with 90/10 PGLA coils and four aneurysms were treated with bare platinum coil (Gugliemi Detachable Coils), respectively. All animals were kept alive for 14 days after the procedure. Histologic as well as immunohistochemical analyses were performed on each harvested sample.

Results Macroscopic findings showed that significantly advanced thrombus organization was observed in the Novel Bioactive Coil group compared with the PGLA coil group and the bare platinum coil group. The granulation tissue induced by Novel Bioactive Coil was characterized by its intensive migration of multinuclear giant cells, profound microvascular proliferation and vacuole formation around the coil materials. Qualitative histological analysis showed that Novel Bioactive Coil elicited the most prominent macrophage expression, followed by PGLA coils and bare platinum coil.

Conclusion Novel Bioactive Coil has a potential to elicit more accelerated thrombus organization compared with currently used coil materials, including bare platinum coil and PGLA coil.

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