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E-027 Final results of a multicenter, prospective, long term coil embolization study
  1. R Paulsen
  1. Jewish Hospital, Louisville, Kentucky, USA


Purpose To design and set up an electronic database with longitudinal information on the use of bare platinum coils for the endovascular occlusion of cerebral aneurysms. We report the final analysis of the data.

Materials and methods From 1 May 2004 to 10 July 2007, a global registry was conducted at 36 centers in the USA, Europe and Latin America. 303 patients were enrolled of whom 299 patients were treated with bare detachable platinum coils (mostly Trufill DCS Orbit coils) of various sizes, shapes and grades of softness. Acute as well as long term anatomical and clinical data were collected. Logistic regression analysis will be used to examine the association of selected patient characteristics to outcomes of recanalization, retreatment and stability of occlusion.

Results 313 aneurysms, ruptured or unruptured, were treated in the 299 patients. Follow-up data were available on 185 patients (including 10 reports of deaths); 32 patients returned for more than one visit; 140 (76%) had 3–6 months of follow-up, 63 (34%) had 1 year of follow-up and five (3%) had 2 years of follow-up.

This abstract reviews the status of 185 patients with follow-up data available at this time. Immediately postprocedure, the treating physicians reported achieving the desired level of occlusion in 167 (85%) of the treated and followed aneurysms: 114 (58%) aneurysms were completely obliterated, 40 (20%) residual neck, 23 (12%) residual aneurysm and 19 (10%) dog ear. Of 174 aneurysms with angiographic follow-up, 137 (79%) remained stable or improved, nine (5%) showed aneurysm regrowth, 26 (15%) compaction and two (1%) had migrated. At 3–6 months, 14 of the 174 (8%) aneurysms were re-treated.

Conclusion These results confirm previous outcomes data of endovascular occlusion of cerebral aneurysms with Trufill DCS Orbit complex shaped detachable platinum coils. Complications related to the device were rare.

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