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E-051 Combination of Contrast Enhanced Time-Resolved 3D MRA and 3D Neuroimaging Software for the Evaluation of Brain Aneurysms Treated with Coil Embolisation
  1. A Ikemura,
  2. I Yuki,
  3. T Ishibashi,
  4. H Arakawa,
  5. K Irie,
  6. H Takao,
  7. I Kajiwara,
  8. K Nishimura,
  9. I Kan,
  10. Y Murayama
  1. Neurosurgery, Jikei University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan


Purpose To improve the visualisation of residual neck in the aneurysms treated with coil embolisation utilising the time-resolved contrast enhanced magnetic resonance angiography (4D MRA).

Materials and Methods A total of 11 patients who underwent coil embolisation of brain aneurysm underwent 1.5 Tesla 4D MRA one year after the procedure. Of these, 6 patients were treated with stent assisted technique. The image information obtained from the 4D MRA was re-processed utilising a 3D Neuroimaging software (TeraRecon, Inc.) and compared to the images obtained from the cerebral angiograms.

Results Six patients showed major recanalisation and five patients showed minimal residual neck of the treated aneurysm in the cerebral angiogram. The 4D MRA images obtained from each patient was consistent with the images from the cerebral angiogram. The susceptibility artifact induced by the coils and stents was significantly reduced as compared to the images of contrast enhanced time of flight (CE-TOF) images. The re-processed 3D images of 4D MRA in the Neuroimaging software showed great reproducibility of angiographical findings obtained from the cerebral angiograms.

Conclusion The combination of the 4D MRA and utilisation of the 3D Neuroimaging software showed great visualisation of residual aneurysm. This imaging method can be a good alternative for the post-procedure follow up angiograms in the patients who underwent coil embolisation.

Disclosures A. Ikemura: None. I. Yuki: None. T. Ishibashi: None. H. Arakawa: None. K. Irie: None. H. Takao: None. I. Kajiwara: None. K. Nishimura: None. I. Kan: None. Y. Murayama: None.

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