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Initial experience of a novel sheath guide for transbrachial carotid artery stenting: technical note


Background The transfemoral approach has been a common technique for carotid artery stenting (CAS). When aortic or peripheral arterial conditions limit the transfemoral approach, the transbrachial approach may be used as an alternative. The purpose of our study was to report initial experiences of CAS with a novel sheath guide specifically designed for transbrachial carotid cannulation.

Methods Patients who underwent transbrachial CAS with a novel sheath guide between May 2011 and July 2012 were analyzed. The sheath guide has an internal diameter of 6 Fr (2.24 mm, 0.088 inch) and is 90 cm long with a soft distal part and a particular distal shape like a modified Simmons catheter.

Results Sixty-two patients underwent transbrachial CAS with the sheath guide. Transbrachial carotid cannulation was easy and successful and CAS procedures were performed easily through the sheath guide in every case. No sheath-related periprocedural complications occurred.

Conclusions The sheath guide specifically designed for transbrachial carotid cannulation is useful for transbrachial CAS.

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